Monday, June 29, 2009

LIfe's Too Short....

There comes a time when one reach a point in life and say what have I acheived in life and what are the memories that I truly cherished.

Have we ever wonder that we should be or should not be doing this and that. We sit and fret all day long and complain we do not have time for this and for that or do not have the monies or too much monies.

Regrets! regrets!regrets! is all we think off.

There are so many things that we regretted not to have done in the name of no time, no monies, mummy say cannot, the law says cannot or your greater moral values say no or the devil or angel inside you say no!!!....Well guys, gals, gays & UFO's.... STOP Regretting.....WHY????

LIFE'S TOO SHORT....for regrets!

What is the most memorable times that you cannot forget. Remember the time you stole some monies from your mummy's purse and buy and ice-cream. I bet you can still remember the taste of the ice-cream after so many years; infact the ice-cream taste even better after recalling it after 20 years. Do you have any regrets for stealing the money from your mum??

I am sure you have no regrets, so life's too short for any regrets??

Get up and get your arse off that chair and so something you really want to do but always find excuses not to do it. Cannot this-lah, cannot that-lah.....stop it......just DO regrets.

I would like to share one of my regrets. I enjoy watching football and in the past WEMBLY stadium in London is the venue for all time great football matches. You know, I spent 12 years of my life in London and I have never watch any matches in Wembly stadium. I had so many chances of watching the FA cup finals but somehow or other I was too....cannot this-lah...cannot that-lah... and never walk into Wembly stadium. Now that I am no longer staying in London, I regretted so much not to have gone to Wembly stadium.

Life's too complain, to moan, to cry, to blame, to hope, to pray, to patronise and even to eat....... GET UP.... and just do what you have to do......and Do not regret it......because if you do not do it...someday you will regret it someday

Shakespear says that " the world is but a stage, and we are merely players.....and mine a sad one.....and such a wand wit it make of me.."

The above quote came from one of his classic literature, The merchant of Venice. One of the characters was complaining that his life is sad and it's making a fool of him.

Do you want to be that fool with much regrets.

LIFE's TOO SHORT.....and I have much regrets.....I wanted to marry Princess Diana, I wanted to be as famous as MJ and I wanted to be as famous as Mahatma Gandhi but I ....cannot this-lah,cannot that-lah...and never ask Princess Diana for her hand, did not take moonwalk dance lessons and could not starve myself.....

LIFE'S TOO regret. If I had ask Princess Diana for her hand and she probably say no....but that's okay because I will have no I did whatI wanted to do. Now I regret not to have ask her because there may be a galaxy of hope that she says yes..but alas... she is no more with much regret.

LIFE'S TOO regret. If I had taken moonwalk dance lessons, maybe I will have become more famous than Michael Jackson but he beat me to it. If I have tried but failed then also not so bad and no regrets.

LIFE'S TOO regret. If I was willing or have to will power to starve myself and go on a hunger strike...then I would not have regretted ... Actually I did but only for half a day...and hence regretted.

So guys,gals,gays n ufo's...LIFE'S TOO SHORT....

Dilenma of a Durian...

Here you are guys, the dilemma of a durian.

So what problem does a durian has?

It has been hailed as the king of fruits....some of us absolutely loves it and drive and walk through mountains and streams just to find the best of the best durian. I have known guys would wait all night long and as soon they hear the sound...thud!....they would run to the spot and look for the durian that have just fallen off the tree.

Yes, everybody in the fields say that durian must drop from the tree and cannot pluck them. Well guess what? the the Thais prove us wrong by plucking the durians before it fall on the ground. How do the Thais do this. They count the number of days from flowering to the time it would ripe and pluck it. Apparently this would stop the fruit from damaging once it hit the ground. Now you know why Thai durian sometime doesnt that good because it the Thais got the timing wrong.

Still, though some of us might swear on the quality of the fruit, but to some they can bear the taste of the durian. There is a true saying " you either love durian or hate it" there are no half measures. Personally, I think for everyone that loves durian there will be 10 that hates it.

So what is the problem with durian. The awful, terrible and unbearable stench of durian. Recently I had a friend from Scotland who came over and I had the chance to introduce him to durian. Within 5 metres from the durian seller, he stop and complain " what is the awful smell".
I lied and told him it is something else and dont know where it came from. Of course, when we reach the durian seller he found out that it was the durian that smells badly for him. For me the smell what heaven sent.

Anyway, he refused to try it. After much convincing and after I have agreed to try the Scottish famous dish "haggis" (which I can assure you is disgusting) when and if I go to Scotland, he decided to give the durian a chance to prove it self that it taste better than smell. Guess what happen? You think he likes! NO!!! he spit it out straight away and curse me said it is the most disgusting thing that he has ever taken in his life. It was a terrible scene, with the smell and taste, he was washing his mouth with a whole bottle of water..he doesnt know that the smell on his hand would be there for days....and when he goes and shit...the smell would be devastating..... I was afraid he might faint in the toilet the next morning..

So the dilenma of durian; how can something taste so good but smell so bad!

Even I love to eat durian, I still cant stand the smell of durian in the car and when the husk is left in the rubbish bin. I can sympathize with the durian: people would pay big money for durians but would also cursed and spit on durians.

The answer is: CLONING.....why cant some smart ass, clone the durian tree and produce the best tasting durian minus the smell...They have managed to clone and make so many types of durian from Kampung.. to etc ...but why did they not clone one that No Smell Durian.........?????????

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The dilemma of a Durian

Ha! I knew this topic would excite you guys, but watch my blog and see the dilemma of a durian.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Job Dilemma...continue....the final analysis..

so what do you guys think?

I don't see any comments from you guys! when I don't get any comments, I might as well go the the mountain top and talk to the monks there. WHY! because the monks will stare at me not knowing what in their world I am talking about, effectively telling me "no comments".

Fiduciary duty!!!

In law you must prove that someone owes you a Fiduciary duty and that person was negligent in discharging his duty, then you can win that case (other things considered) and claim damages (monies) for losses that you suffered.

So, do you think we prove that a fiduciary duty exists between the employer and the employees in terms of ensuing that the welfare of the employees are catered for?

The answer is most probably a big NO! But then again I am no lawyer but a lawyer buruk who knows a little bit of law. OF course you can take the company to the labour tribunal or in Malay Jabatan Buruh and sue the company. BUT we are not talking about company because if the company is bankrupt, you sue also no use and also the company is also the victim here because the management makes the company bankrupt. Can we sue the management for mismanagement. Again here most probably not, unless the management has criminal intent as in curi the monies, then the company has a case against the management but not the employees.

So in other words, fellow countrymen, guys, gals, gays, UFO's and Romans, you are SCREWED!!
and there is nothing you can do about it.

The management do not owe a fiduciary duty to the staff but owe a duty the company.

Is it always the management fault?

Dont you think that the perks management is getting, is justified as they work very hard as well. They carry a lot of responsibilities with them and should be rewarded accordingly. sometimes the management has the best intention but along the way, luck and intentions "trip them" and hence cannot be held responsible.

So Life sucks, work sucks and whole dammed rat race.

So what does this teach us? This brings me back to our original theme..

..the dilemma facing employees..

You can blame the management, you can blame Mahathir, Anwar, Pak Lah, Osama, your dog, your cat, the tamil tigers.....but who should you blame the most.....

you!! you!! you!! and you!!! and nobody else are in this dilemma because of your are in your comfort zone....and not looking ahead...and not preparing for this should read Kotters book on change management....they identify the problem..did something... and adapt to the ever changing environment and survive (The Iceberg is Melting: Kotter).

So what is the lesson from this all. are in this dilemma because you got should have move along when the boat was give yourself too many bloody excuses not to move. At the end of the day you blame your,, that you are in this dilemma... but the culprit is yourself..


the views express here in this blog is not meant to be quoted, used or printed for any purposes whatsoever. The views are an expression of the soul and mind of the author.

Job Dilemma....contnue..

So should the management be held accountable for retrenching or sacking the staffs?

When the company doing well and making monies, the management enjoy the benefits and have a big fat bonuses and cars and pat on your back and say well done on your job and gives you "kacang putih" as rewards. BUT when the company is not doing well, the employees "enjoy" all the pains and take away your "kacang putih" and says it cannot be helped-lah, economy bad-lah, what nonsense and injustice is this?

If Karl Marx (if you do not know him, he is the father of communism and states that all man, women, gays and UFO's have equal rights) knew what was going today, he will flip over and over again in his grave. Hei, don't you all ever thing that I am a commi (the terms the American use to refer to a communist), I am far from that. Justice and equality has nothing to do with political or religious issues, it has to do with what is the right thing to do.

Back to the "kacang putih" issues!

So good times the management enjoy, bad times the employee suffers. What happen to when good times all enjoy and bad times all suffer. Never seems to work does it?

This brings me back to the responsibilities of the management. Should they be held accountable for their actions? good times you enjoy, bad times we suffer. The management should have the responsibilities to ensure the welfare of the staff are taken care of. These are heavy responsibilities as it involves the life and future of the staff families. Management cannot say Ooops they make a mistake or they fail to plan for the recession and because of that we have to cut down. Well, "up yours" as the British say. Because of their negligence the employees have to suffer. they have a fiduciary duty towards the general welfare of the employees.

Fiduciary Duty is a term used in law for holding somebody accountable for their negligence.

So does the management have a fiduciary duty towards the employees?
What do you think?

.. to be continue..

Job Dilemma

Happy days have gone!

I remember some time ago, employees were spoil with choice of work and were better place to demand better salary and terms.
Nowadays, with the economy at technical recession, it is the turn of the employers to dictate the terms and conditions of work.

Questions asked here is how should the employees approach their dilemma?

I am sure most employees feel that they are push to work harder and with overtime and probably not compensated for their efforts as well. They will feel that employers will tell them a lot of cock and bull story about how bad the company is doing and that sacrifices must be made by the employees. There is an inherent mistrust with the management and whatever that is said or not said will be shot down by the employees.

But do we blame the employees?

Employees like most other human beings (some are not!!) have a survival instinct and when we take some of their livelihood away, they are bound to complain and feel dejected. They have to worry about their families or where bachelors and spinsters are concerned their lifestyle is threatened. No more fast cars, guys and gays!

So do we blame the employers?

Most probably YES! Wait!! is this right, the management will say that the economy is down and we are in recession and the company is affected and hence they have t0 cut down on overheads and staff. Perfectly normal and justifiable argument. BUT, wait a minute! you cannot just take me and then dump me whenever you like, where is the morality of it all. There is such a thing as corporate social responsibility, corporate governance etc for the management to follow and be responsible for and be held accountable.

But when times are bad the management in the name of recession just close down their operations and lay off all or some of the workers and they are not held accountable.

What stupidity and double standards is this?

to be continue.....